• Make sure you have read the how to adopt rules and information before you fill out this form!
  • Do not fill in the form untill you have been a guild member for at least 2 weeks.
  • You must fill everything in! and read and sign the declaration.
  • You must give us your instant messenger ID in order to adopt a painted or limited edition pet.
  • 1) What is your Name:

    2) What is your Email:

    3) Which neopet do you want to adopt?

    4) What is your username?
    (the personal username you use the most in our guild)

    5) What Rank is the username above?

    6) What date did you join the guild?

    7) The guild has a list of members. Which page number are you on?

    8) How many messages have you posted?

    9)What is the username with which you wish to adopt this pet?
    (This Q is here for people who wish to adopt with their 2nd account)

    10) What is your msn messenger e-mail address?
    (if you have one)

    11) what is your Yahoo Messenger e-mail address
    (if you have one)

    12) What is your Aol instant messenger ID?
    (if you have one)

    13) What country do you live in?

    14) What time is it in neopia?
    (check on the neopets sidebar)

    15) what time is it in your country?
    (these time questions help us estimate when you will be online)

    16) What username do you use most on neopets?

    17) why would you like to adopt the neopet named above?

    18) Why did you choose to adopt from Charming Adoptions

    19) If your application is not accepted would you adopt a diferent pet?

    20) Would you for any reason adopt another pet from us

    21) Tell us what you are looking for in a neopet:

    22) Would you ever want to abandon the pet named above? why? how?

    23) Do you have any other guilds? Tell us about them:

    24) DECLARATION"I declare I will make sure the above neopet is allways well looked after and loved. I am and will allways endever to be a kind and active guild member. I have never: intentionally spammed or hacked, cheated, or stolen from the guild, been offensive or harrased members. And I will never do any of those things."