The Adopting Process:

Neopets has now introduced an option of transferring neopets from one account to another.

Please Note: the neopets transfer charges you neopoints to accept a neopet, the amount depends on the colour and stats of the neopet. We DO NOT charge you anything at all (It is against neopets rules to sell neopets). It will cost the foster parent 1,000 NP to transfer the neopet to you.

Please Note: There is a limit on how many neopets you can transfer each month, dependant on your account age. You can find out how many transfers you have left on the Pound Transfer page.So we may have to wait up to a month, to do the transfer, if one of us has transferred the maximum number of pets already that month.

Please Note: It may take up to four days to complete a transfer. While the neopet is in transit you will not be able to create or adopt any other neopets, neither will the foster parent.