How To Adopt A Neopet:

1) Agree to Our Terms:

NOTE: If you do not meet all of our conditions at the time you send your application it will be ignored and deleted. If you have broken any guild or neopets rules, your application will be ignored and deleted.

2) Understand the adoption process:

Now that you have read all the information above you may wish to read more details about the actual adoption process.

3) Choose your pet:

Choose a neopet from those listed on this site.

NOTE:If a pet is reserved it means we have accepted someone's application for that pet.There is always a slight possibility that they will not be adopted so if you are interested keep an eye on the agency incase he/she becomes available again.

4) Send a neomail

Please neomail the owner of the neopet you would like to adopt (If they have a main account listed neomail their main account). If the owner has not logged in for ages or did not get your last neomail please neomail thethehalliwellmanor. That way I will have a copy of your neomail and hopefully someone in the guild can track them down.