Pets we have Re-homed:

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Name : Aisha101835
Species : Kau
Colour : Tyrannian
Gender : Female

No one in the guild seemed to want Aisha. So she was re-homed to a nice person on Charter named Jen, with an enthusiasm for Kaus. She said "I have two stuffed bulls on my dresser and adore the story of Ferdinand since I was little" of which, Aisha's artwork reminds her.

UPDATE: Looks like her side account got frozen :( Poor Aisha.

Name : xxxbrookxxx
Species : Shoyru
Colour : Darigan
Gender : Female

Brook was not re-homed she was stolen from her foster parent's account :( But as themonthlycharm stopped playing neopets for a while,we were unable to do anything about it. We hope she is happy where-ever she has ended up now. We don't know if the current owner is an innocent person who traded for her or the person who stole her. The other pets on that account have been removed from the agency as I don't think she can log back in.

Name : Gary_The_Frog
Owner : Alily
Species : Cybunny
Colour : Yellow
Gender : Female

Gary was with us for a while before Alice set her eyes upon the fuzzy little creature and decided to take her home, yet it all worked out for the best as the adoption was successful and soon after, Gary got a nice new color to be proud of as well :)

UPDATE: Looks like Alily got frozen :( Poor Gary.

Name : Potololo
Owner : Jen
Species : Grundo
Colour : Faerie
Gender : Male

Potololo joined our agency and soon after was colored a nice Faerie shade and attracted Jen. We decided to accept her application, however because of the time differences it was a little hard to arrange a meeting where the transfer could occur, eventually thanks to spring vacation Potololo found himself a new home, aww =)

UPDATE: Unfortunately Jen has since left the guild and then got frozen. Poor Potololo :(

Name : Damrey
Owner : Andrea
Species : Jubjub
Colour : Faerie
Gender : Female

Damrey was with us for a while even after turning into a nice Faerie color - Then one day we got an application for her from Andrea and after some consideration decided to accept. Although it took us a while to arrange the adoption, things went flawlessly and Damrey found a new loving home, we wish both owner and pet the best of luck =)

UPDATE: Unfortunately Andrea has since left the guild :( We hope she continues to take good care of Damrey.

Name : mydridlily
Owner : Kaylee
Species : Yurble
Colour : Purple
Gender : Female
MyDridLily came to our agency a while ago and got zapped into a Purple Yurble. Soon after Kaylee found him out and decided she'd like to adopt her on her avatar collecting account, i_will_collect_u.We hope that both of them are happy together and having a lot of fun.

UPDATE: It appears that Kaylee has since left the guild :( and Mydridlily has turned a nice Maractite colour :)

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