Pets we have Re-homed:

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Name : Yarneeball
Owner : fairrocks
Species : Techo
Colour : Split
Gender : Male

Yarneeball started his life at the agency as a Jubjub (hense the name), but after a few visits to the lab - he became a fetching split techo.Soon after, fairrocks noticed him, and sent us an application to adopt him. We reviewed her application and determined she will be a great owner,and so a few weeks later the adoption process went flawlessly, and now Yarnee is enjoying his new home with fairrocks :)

Name : Ickle_Paige
Owner : Hannah (xxxlady...)
Species : Tonu
Colour : Shadow
Gender : Female

Ickle_Paige originally belonged to Ceara, but having many neopets she decided to put ickle_paige into the adoption agency. During this time Ceara labbed her and eventually she became the lovely shadow tonu she is today :) After a couple of months Hannah (xxxladyvixenxxx) decided that ickle_paige was the neopet for her. Her application was accepted and the adoption with help from Connie was a complete success.

UPDATE: Ickle_Paige was lost in the pound when bandy tried to move her to another account. She belongs to someone else now :(

Name : Tyaniayano
Owner : charmedceleb
Species : Tonu
Colour : Starry
Gender : Male

Tyaniayano started out his pixel life as a blue tonu, he was rescued from the pound by Hannah soon after. He must have been envious of mirethiel's Starryness because he poked the lab and would you believe it, we had twins. Two starry tonus at once :p Tyaniayano soon found a new home with charmedceleb, the adoption process went smoothly and we hope that they continue to enjoy each others company.

UPDATE: Neither Tyaniayano or Celeb seem to exist any more. Perhaps he stoped playing.

Owner : Lindsey
Species : Elephante
Colour : Desert
Gender : Female

CLEOPATRIA7 was rescued from the pound quite a while ago (already a desert elephante) by Hannah. She was fostered for a few months and added to the agency once a few spaces became available. She had only been around for a few dyas when Lindsey snapped her up :) (on her second account ;)) The agency hopes that they live happily together.

UPDATES: Lindsey has since left the guild :( We hope she and Cleopatria are still happy :)

Name : charmedone003
Owner : wendigopiperp3neo
Species : Eyrie
Colour : Striped
Gender : Male

charmedone003 was one of those rare pound finds (a charmed named pet). She started out a very plain eyrie but the lab made she a he and a pretty striped thing :) It was not long before he attracted the attention of wendigopiperp3neo. The adoption was a complete sucess and we hope they live happily ever after.

Name : cuddlyone234
Owner : Marta
Species : Cybunny
Colour : Red
Gender : Female

cuddlyone originally belonged to Kaylee. Kaylee decided that she would like her re-homed by our agency. It was not long before the lab at manor turned her into a lovely cybunny and the applications came pooring in! We decided that Marta would likely provide the best home for cuddly and hope that they remain very happy together :)

UPDATE: cuddlyone234 has since been painted a nice silver colour :)

Name : Kabroc
Owner : The Monthly Charm
Species : Kougra
Colour : Spotted
Gender : Male

Kabroc has been with the agency ever since the very begining. So once we had some space for it at our lab account, we decided to give it a go - and he changed to a nicely spotted colour. It was about the same time when the guild newspaper was starting to develop - Val created a new account for it, and wanted a pet - so they browsed around and decided that Kabroc would be perfect for them - the adoption was flawless - and so they live happily ever after :)

Name : azn_uni120
Owner : charmed_queenie19
Species : Uni
Colour : Purple
Gender : Female

azn_uni120 once belonged to Abby (azn_girl120), but one day she neomailed us saying she would like to find her a new home - so we put her picture up on the site - and soon enough charmed_queenie19 fell in love with it and wanted to adopt her. It took some time until the adoption got around but thankfully it went very well and azn_uni120 and charmed_queenie19 are now together :D

Name : bluestars23
Owner : Marta
Species : Gelert
Colour : Strawberry
Gender : Male

Bluestars was first rescued by Ceara back when he was just a plain and ordinary Gelert.After several visits to Ceara's Lab he turned into the lovely strawberry color that he is today :) It was not long before the applicatants came pooring in. One of those being Marta. She saw him in the agency and new right away that he was the neopet for her. It was some time untill Hannah and Marta found the opertunity to move Bluestars23 but when that time finally arrived the adoption was a complete sucess! I'm sure they will be really happy together!

Name : MysticLabCreation
Owner : Elien
Species : Jubjub
Colour : Grey
Gender : Male

Mystic was first rescued from the pound by Ortal as a grey jubjub, then he moved to Hannah. After a short while we got an application for him from Elien. Elien loved him very much and was very eager to adopt him onto her other account, fortunately the adoption was a great success and they live happily ever after. Awwwww!!