Pets we have Re-homed:

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Name : HiKisaki
Owner : Corey
Species : Buzz
Colour : Robot
Gender : Female

HiKisaki was first rescued from the pound by Hannah. Then he went to live with Ortal where he became a she and turned into the shiny robot buzz she is today.She stayed in the agency for a long time with-out anyone showing an interest in her and then all of a sudden we were flooded with applications to adopt her. It was a tough choice. In the end we chose Corey since he wrote a good application and has been loyal to the guild for a long time. We hope that they will live happily together forever.

UPDATE: Neither HiKisaki or Corey exist any more.

Name : Vqo
Owner : Kaylee
Species : Pteri
Colour : Rainbow
Gender : Male

Vqo was first rescued from the pound by Ortal. He lived with her for some time making regular visits to the lab - now look at him and his lovely stats. Eventually he turned into the rainbow Pteri he is today :) and soon after entered the adoption agency. It was not long before Kaylee noticed him and decided he was the neopet for her. The adoption was a complete success! may they live happily ever after...

UPDATES:Kaylee's account was unfortunatly hacked into and then frozen through no fault of her own. So Vqo is no more. Some one else has a new pet with the same name.

Name : Wee_WooWee_Woo...
Owner : Xena
Species : Koi
Colour : Blue
Gender : Male

WeeWoo was first rescued from the pound by Hannah, he stayed with her for a while having secret meetings with Turmy trying to make a deal where he would eat his petpet. Turns out WeeWoo is hopeless at making deals. But it was not long before WeeWoo attracted the attention of Xena. She was devistated after just loosing her previous Koi :( and felt she could offer WeeWoo a good loving home. Since we know her well enough to know shes a nice person (and not likely to leave neopets any time soon!), a rare exception to the message rule was made and the adoption was a success! I am confident they will both stay with the guild ;)

UPDATE: WeeWoo and Xena do not exist anymore as Xena lost access to her account.

Name : lofinet568_2001
Owner : Sam
Species : Wocky
Colour : Ghost
Gender : Male

Lofinet was adopted into the agency in the hope of turning grey, but after the lab changed him ghost it seemed so sweet that we decided to keep him this way. Soon enough charmed_pwrof3 arrived and fell in love with Lofinet, the adoption was flawless and they both lived happily ever after. The beginning.

Name : Aelokia
Owner : poetryqween
Species : Aisha
Colour : Gold
Gender : Female

Aelokia started her life as a plain ol' aisha, when she came to the agency - yet after a few lab treatments she became a rather shiney gold color. It took a while until someone adopted her, quite a while actually :P. But in the end poetryqween came along and loved her, her application was accepted and the transfer was a great success, congratulations to the new couple:)!

UPDATES: poetryqween left the guild and abandoned Aelokia - Unfortunately the person who adopted Aelokia must have had their account deleted as she no longer exists :(

Name : GreeJ23
Owner : Nina
Species : Shoyru
Colour : Rainbow
Gender : Male

Gree was first found in the pound a long while ago... Setting foot into our agency as a mutent shoyru he was zapped only once (at the time we had 4 painted pets) and remarkably he changed into a lovely rainbow color. A few weeks passed and Nina noticed him and thought he would be a nice pet to take care of, she neomailed us and we accepted her application. Unfortunately it took us time untill the agency and her were online at the same time - but that day finaly happened, and the transfer was flawless. Congratulations to Nina and her new pet :)!

UPDATES: Nina has left the guild :( we're hoping shes still taking good care of GreeJ23.

Name : Leokiana
Owner : tasha_h_
Species : Kau
Colour : Christmas
Gender : Female

Leokiana was first adopted by Ceara, a long long time ago - and was with us for quite a while... We got a few applications but the user name was lost and they hadn't contacted us, and so after a while longer tasha_h_ came along and decided she'd like to adopt Leokiana, the adoption was flawless and a while after that she got painted Christmas and got a cute little petpet :)

UPDATE: Neither Leokiana or Tasha exist any more.

Name : Kougra21525
Owner : Danielle
Species : Kougra
Colour : Robot
Gender : Female

Kougra was adopted a long time ago, and was soon fostered into the family, and got daily zaps from the lab - after a while he changed into a Robot and moved into secretwhitelighters - a few weeks later Dani came along and wanted to adopt Kougra:) The adoption was successful and Dani & Kougra are living happily ever after, yey:)

UPDATES: Dani left the guild (after we descovered she had stolen np and tried to scam people into giving her things - If only we had known earlier!) Her account and Kougra have since been deleted.

Name : Jojsi
Owner : Kerri
Species : Lupe
Colour : Brown
Gender : Female

jojsi was adopted from the pound by Ceara when he was a yellow lupe and was fostered by the agency. He was with us for some time before he found a happy home with Kerri. His journey through the lab was quite ironic she did the lupe to lupe!: He first became a red kacheek and then a green moehog, followed by a blue pteri at which point she won 2nd place in the Pteri section of the neopets beauty contest and a shiny silver trophy to say so. After this jojsi went back to the lab and became a lupe again, red this time. Her final lab visit made her brown :D at which point Kerri decided Jojsi was the pet for her. I hope that the two of them will enjoy their life together :)

UPDATES: Jojsi turned Pink and then got lost in a pound transfer.The new owner and Jojsi have been deleted :(

Name : Bammiey
Owner : angel_chic289
Species : Lenny
Colour : Striped
Gender : Male

Bammiey was rescued from the pound by Ortal. He was fostered with her at feariegurl4lyfe and took many visits to the lab untill he became a lovely Striped Lenny.Ortal decided she needed to free up some space on her account so we decided to move Bammiey to the agency. But sadly even though we timed it perfectly and I refreshed the adoption page at a furious speed we still lost Bammiey to some one else :( I'm really sorry Ortal :( I did my best I dont understand how it failed. I guess we cannot allways be so lucky :( Poor Bammiey. Ortal sent a neomail to Katie explaining what had happened and asked her to consider letting us have bammiey back. But unfortunatly she wouldn't give up Bammiey. I just hope that she takes good care of him at least. :(