Pets we have Re-homed:

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Name : catritc642_888888
Owner : smiley_grundo
Species : Moehog
Colour : Mutant
Gender : Male

Catritc was rescued from the pound some time ago by Han ;) he lived very happily on a diet of Soup! Really, should the Avi say Kind? Anyway after a while he got the attention of one of our more quiet members smiley_grundo. Since shes been with us for a while now and Cat had been waiting so long we decided to wave the 25 message thing! - and she's Lindseys friend. Apparently she has an affinity for mutents! so I'm confident he's gone to the right home :)

UPDATES: Unfortunatly smiley_grundo has since left the guild and now neither she or Catritc exist any more.

Name : TheVampireSpike
Owner : paiges_coven
Species : Lenny
Colour : Brown
Gender : Male

TheVampireSpike a cute little red Zafara was carelessly abandoned by his first owner when he was still only O hours old! It's so sad when people create pets just to put them in the pound. Han (...get used to me refering to myself in third person) wisked him up being such a Spike/James fan herself. But she decided against taking him under her wing because she has many neopets...After paying several visits to the lab Spike became a brown lenny! Yay Spike! He had Opal's eye right from the beginning but she had yet to find any space on her accounts. When she had need for a new account a spot became available for Spike.. by which time she had to fight for his affections. He now lives very happily with Opal :)

UPDATES:Opal unfortunatly left the guild and now sometime later Spike doesn't exist.

Name : Pteri_12887
Owner : Kristen
Species : Pteri
Colour : spotted
Gender : Female

Pteri_12887 was rescued from the pound some time ago. She was being fostered with Han untill she attracted kristen's attention. She had to wait a while though since a good opertunity to proceed with the adoption failed to come up untill recently. The adoption was a sucess and i'm sure the two of them will be very happy together.

UPDATE: Kristen's side and Pteri no longer exist.

Name : ZeldaAishaFaerie
Owner : Lindsey
Species : Acara
Colour : Glowing
Gender : Male

ZelderAishaFaerie began 'her' life as a red Aisha. We received a neomail from freeskid who claims to be his previous owner. Quote "...I just wanted to make sure all of my neopets got a good home. Hope she's sweet to you. I couldn't keep her cause I couldn't get enough food for all of my neopets..." Zelda made many trips to the lab during his stay at our angency, she for starters turned Male! The first color change made him a blue meerca, after that a green Acara, then a red acara and finally he became glowing! At which point the applications arrived. It seemed Lindsey would make the perfect mum :) The adoption was luckily a success! I'm sure the two of them will be very happy together.

UPDATES: Lindsey left the guild but we hope she's still taking care of Zelder :)

Name : nazzy911
Owner : Kristen (l_piper...)
Species : Zafara
Colour : Darigan
Gender : Male

nazzy911 some how managed to stay a very long time in the pound before someone snappd him up. That some one being Orty! ;) How it is a Darigan Zafara managed to be over looked is still a mistery! His adoption with us was a total sucess he has since found a nice new home with Kristen who will allways take great care of him :)

UPDATE: nazzy no longer exists, nor does Kristen's account.

Name : Martinna
Owner : Melissa
Species : Chia
Colour : Starry
Gender : Female

Martinna was given to her first owner as a gift but sadly they did not show any interest in Martinna or neopets. When the angency was created it seemed like Martinna could do with a home that gave more personal attention to her and visting the lab gave her a nice stary new look :) Martinna was in the angency a while but eventually she attracted some great prospective owners. She was successfully re-homed with Melissa. I'm sure the two of them will be very happy together :)

UPDATES: Mellisa left the guild and her account and Martinna have gone poof :( Some one else now has a pet with the same name.

Name : Witchy_Paige_Rose
Owner : Mindy
Species : Aisha
Colour : Maraquan
Gender : Female

Witchy_paige_rose was rescued from the pound. What luck that she should end up in a "Charmed" adoption agency. She started out life as a yellow Aisha. She payed several visits to the lab ray. On new years eve 2003 she turned into a beautiful Maraquan Aisha. We received applications for her almost right away! She was successfully rehomed and now lives with Mindy we hope that she recieves all the care and attention she deserves :)

UPDATE: Mindy's account has been deleted, and Witchy_paige_rose along with it :(

Name : mia999999999999...
Owner : chica602
Species : Korbat
Colour : Checkered
Gender : Male

Now this is a very sad story :'( Poor old mia was rescued from the pound by Kat and taken to the lab untill he became checkered he was then being fostered by thehalliwellmanor - and as you all have herd the account was hacked a while back (I now have the account back safely and much better protected). Mia was cruely abandoned by the evil hacker. He was then adopted from the pound by: chica602 - unfortunatly this user had not recieved parental permision to play on the site, this meant we could not neomail them to ask them to take good care of him and tell them what has happened :( I hope Mia has gone to a good home - he has had enough miss fortune for one neopet. - A silly long name - Abandoned by his first owner - and then again by that hacker!

UPDATE: It seems as though Mia had moved owners again but the new owner's account was frozen, along with Mia! :(

Name : gromolo
Owner : Lucy
Species : Skeith
Colour : Sketch
Gender : Male

Gromolo was adopted from the pound by tinkerbell11886 just an ordinary skeith she took him to the lab untill he became a lovely Sketch Skeith and let him go again. He was adopted onto the charming_adoptions account where he was well looked after until he found a good loving perment home with Lucy. He was reserved for some time before the adoption took place but the wait was worth it since the adoption was a sucess. Gromolo now enjoys a diet full of really weird things, with Lucy - since Skeiths will eat just about anything even if it isnt food. We hope he is very happy and behaves himself!

UPDATES: piper_fom_charmed was frozen =[ =( and gromolo does not exist any more.

Name : Tiny_begger
Owner : charmed_4_ever777
Species : Moehog
Colour : Darigan
Gender : Female

At the very first week Tiny_begger got to the adoption agency the lab ray turned her into Darigan Moehog - At first it seemed like no one was interested in the poor thing but in a short while I recieved a neomail from charmed_4_ever777 saying she would love to take care of her, but she had yet to post enough messages - and asked us to reserve Tiny for her, so we did and thankfully the adoption went smovely as possible (considering the color of the pet it was quite a luck :)!) and Tiny is very happy at her new home with Kim :D!

UPDATES: charmed_4_ever777 sadly left the guild, then her account and Tiny were deleted :(