Pets we have Re-homed:

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Name : niomi385
Owner : vex2244
Species : Peophin
Colour : Purple
Gender : Female

Niomi was rescued from the pound by Ortal she stayed with the agency some time before azn4mylife came forward to adopt her. It seems we were having a period of extremely bad luck. She was adopted by some one else during the pound transfer. She agreed to give her back but unfortunately seemed not to realise that painted pets dissapear from the pound so quickly she abandoned her at a time we were not around. She went to live with december_baby_12_21 and then vex2244.

UPDATES:niomi385 seems to have been deleted :(

Name : Aishipuff
Owner : baybee_oneill
Species : Aisha
Colour : Purple
Gender : Female

Aishipuff was rescued from the pound and put into the Charming Adoptions Agency. She attracted the attention of thecharmedones7. Unfortunatly there was a hickup in Aishipuffs adoption and she was adopted by some one else. We have noticed she has been in four! different homes since she was lost. This is sad but we hope that she is very happy in her current home with baybee_oneill.

UPDATE: Aishipuff has since been deleted.

Name : Hanamia
Owner : spoiledrotton24
Species : Peophin
Colour : Blue
Gender : Male

Hanamia was rescued from the pound on the 24th April 2003 and put into the agency. Here he found a loving new home with Mell : spoiledrotton24. There was a small but alarming complication in Hanamia's adoption. Some one adopted Hanamia before Mell had the chance, they took away his petpet and then abandoned him again! How evil! Luckily Mell managed to adopt him this time. We hope he is very happy.

UPDATES: Hanamia somehow got deleted :( Now someone else has a neopet with the same name.

Name : Vevona
Owner : bud8fansforever
Species : Acara
Colour : Electric
Gender : Female

Vevona's owner lost interest in her (back then a red acara). When the Charming Adoptions Agency was set up it seemed like a really good opertunity for Vevona to find a good new home. So Vevona went to live with Ortal for a little while. Ortal used the Lab ray on her and she became a Electric Acara. Vevona now belongs to Opal who was attracted to her beauty and her personallity traits. We know Opal will take good care of her and we hope she is very happy.

UPDATES: Vevona has undergone several more lab treatments and is now a green uni living with: sophie8915.

Name : Maluendo
Owner : thecharmedones7
Species : Pteri
Colour : Red
Gender : Male

Maluendo was adopted from the pound by charming_adoptions when the agency first began. His level was raised and he was kept happy untill he was lucky enough to find a new home with Kloe : thecharmedones7.

UPDATES: Kloe's account and Maluendo have since been deleted.

Name : Smoodra
Owner : piper_fom_charmed
Species : Flotsam
Colour : Gold
Gender : Male

Smoodra used to belong to Colleen : chikagurl_84, where she was well looked after, a blue flotsom untill Colleen painted her golden! Smoodra loves to read and play and omelettes are her favourate food. It was only a matter of days after she was added to the agency list that Lucy : lucy9898 decided Smoodra was just the pet she had been looking for! The adoption process was a success! Smoodra is now happily settling in to her new home with Lucy. Colleen hopes she likes Lucy just as much as she liked her and says "I'm sure she will so theres no worry! Have fun Lucy". We hope Smoodra is very happy.

UPDATES: piper_fom_charmed got her account disabled, aww =( Smoodra no longer exists.

Name : Urvira
Owner : firefire155
Species : Kougra
Colour : Rainbow
Gender : Male

Urvira started out life as a Red Kougra. His previous owner abondoned him in the pound. He was rescued By Ortal : faeriegurl4lyfe. Ortal took him to the lab every day untill he became a beautifull Rainbow Kougra. At this point Kristen : charmedp3phoebep3 fell in love with him. Unfortunatly kristen did not manage to adopt Urvira when the time was arranged. He was adopted by Calicoomarie, calicoomarie wanted to keep Urvira and assured us he was in a good loving home. We hope he is very happy.

UPDATES: Urvira has been moved again, this time to an account called firefire155.

Name : Plasmafaerie84
Owner : siberiantiger_gurl
Species : Grundo
Colour : white
Gender : Female

Plasmafaerie84 was rescued from the pound one day, she stayed fostered on charming_adoptions untill siberiantiger_gurl decided she would like to adopt her.

UPDATES:Unfortunatly Lizzy has since left the guild :( and plasmafaerie has since been deleted.

Name : Centeray
Owner : glittergal1381
Species : Elephante
Colour : Christmas
Gender : Female

Centeray was origanally a blue elephante. She was abandoned by her previous owner. Centeray was rescued from the pound and fostered on the charming_adoptions account. Her level was raised and a faerie gave her a new ability. charming_adoptions then bought a christmas paintbrush, with the NP rasied by our guild members, and painted centeray with it. Centeray attracted the attention of Amy : laylee81. Unfortunatly there was a complication in re-homing her and she was adopted by skittle1112. Luckily skittle1112 agreed to re-abandon centeray at an agreed time. This time Amy was successfull. Charming_adoptions sent skittle1112 thankyou gifts for her kindness and understanding. We hope Centeray is very happy.

UPDATES: Amy has left the guild :( and Centeray is no more.

Name : _WhiTe__MaTeRiA_
Owner : p3_pheobee
Species : Shoyru
Colour : Red
Gender : Male

Materia was one of the very first adoption agency pets - he was found at the pound and got fostered and taken care off untill the lovely p3_phoebee neomailed our agency willing to adopt him. Fortunly the adoption proccess went quite smovely and Materia quickly found his new home with p3_phoebee.

UPDATES: p3_pheobee has left the guild, we're hoping shes still taking good care of _WhiTe__MaTeRiA_